OpenRISC 1000 support integrated into radare2

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Few months ago, as part of an effort to reverse engineer Lenkeng LKV373A HDMI to Ethernet converter, I announced disassembly plugin for radare2. This week it has been officially released by radare2 team.

My patches are integrated into radare2 version 4.1.0 and 4.1.1. They also should be currently present in GUI variant of radare2 – Cutter. Its version 1.10 is based on radare2 code version 4.1.1.

At the moment of writing this, Arch Linux still do not have these versions in repository, but I expect updates will appear in few days.

Hello, World!

The time has come to start completely new project. I was present on the net since 2009. Till now, I had blog, named after my nickname. It had some troubles, though. Biggest one was problem with indexing the site by Google, which started with fall of domain from its index.

Because of that, I decided to start something completely new. Now it is time to introduce – RE WorkStation. This blog will be very similar to the first blog, but I am going to focus on widely understood reverse engineering (and from time to time some hacking, electronics and other random stuff). I already have bunch of projects in status ongoing or planned, so I hope to push lot of interesting stuff in following months.

Two things that should have its continuations very soon are JCOP topic and LKV373A reversing. On the first one, I already published dump of memory during pre-personalization process, together with highlighting of most important fields and in second article, I described process of pre-personalization itself. Next goal is to document whole API, available during the process. Second topic, the LKV373A, is now after describing of general structure of firmware image and creation of Wiki page on github to gather all publicly available knowledge about the device. As mentioned in the article about firmware, goals are to have ability to compute firmware checksum and learn the compression algorithm. I will try to push forward both topics as much as I can. And to prove that I can do something about that I am publishing second part of the story just now.

I hope my work here will be useful to many people, mostly those that does not take technology for granted and willing to know inner workings of their stuff.