How to convert Android resource ID back into its name

Few weeks ago I made an attempt to reverse engineer some obscure Android APK. It was available only through some Chinese shop, obviously described in only one language there. Unfortunately, it turned out that every tool designed for reverse engineering APK files outputted source with mysterious resource IDs, as plain integers, which is not the most convenient way to read them. Therefore I started looking for any way to find some meaningful name from these ids. At the end of my development effort I found out, there is one file that usually might be used for that purpose – res/values/public.xml, as produced by apktool (if I remember correctly). However, according to its name it contains only public resources, so some of them are missing there (in my case at least some drawable type resources were missing). Therefore, I am publishing my program to do things even more reliably.


This program requires my library created together, but which is separate project – libarsc. It is available, as usually through Github and also as a package to be downloaded from PyPI. Just type:

pip install libarsc

with proper privileges.

This is meant to be utility package, but for now it contains only one such tool: rid2name. Its purpose is to convert resource ID into name in format matching the one, programmers use in their Android apps. Therefore with its help it should be possible to make reversed program looks more similar to compiler input on the developer side. To use it, just feed it with resources.arsc file as first parameter, resource id as second one and optionally one of: fqdn, xmlid or json as third one. As a result you should get resource name as used in Java source, XML files or JSON meant for further processing. Example runs are:

$ python3 ../com.g_zhang.iMiniCam_39/original/resources.arsc 0x7f070000 xmlid
$ python3 ../com.g_zhang.iMiniCam_39/original/resources.arsc 0x7f070000 fqdn
$ python3 ../com.g_zhang.iMiniCam_39/original/resources.arsc 0x7f070000 json
{"package": "com.g_zhang.iMiniCam", "type": "string", "key": "app_name"}
$ python3 ../com.g_zhang.iMiniCam_39/original/resources.arsc 0x7f070000

There is also quite convenient interface inside Python source, so the file should be includable into bigger projects.

I have to give one warning now: my implementation of ARSC format is not complete, so some things might not work as expected, but from my tests of libarsc, out of 12 ARSC files, extracted from random APK files, I found on my phone, 3 of them failed (returned different MD5) to rebuild into exactly same binary (did not checked exactly what happened there).


This is library that was used underneath arscutils. It is able to parse most of the ARSC file, with special treatment of naming part, that allowed creation of rid2name. It is still missing some important parts and if there will be need from my side to extracting some more things, I will implement the rest of the specification. I am also open to any pull requests to my Github repo.


As you might noticed in usage listing, there is a topic of reverse engineering app, which name was shown there. In case I found something interesting inside, there will be another article, where I will try to share my findings.

Edit: my mistake, this is not my target app, just the package name was similar.

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